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Praia Westerband-Otero

Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist



I provide individual psychotherapy on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on your needs at the time. I utilize a client-centered, liberatory, trauma-informed, holistic and sex positive approach to therapy. I can provide therapy in English, Spanish or Spanglish and I believe in bringing all parts of ourselves to therapy. I do not believe in portraying myself as "the expert". I utilize a collaborative approach and gently encourage the clients I serve to access their inherent power and skills, while providing them with guidance and education to enhance those skills.



I have training and experience serving clients in polyamorous, open, monogamish and monogamous relationship structures and I am able to provide therapy to polycules upon request. I reject heteronormativity, mononormativity, cisnormativity, "the relationship escalator", the patriarchy, and colonial views on relationships. I believe in seeking whatever relationship structure works best for you and your partner(s) and actively unraveling and debating whatever society has told us is "acceptable".

Please be aware that I am not currently accepting relationship therapy clients.



I am an AASECT certified sex therapist. and I am currently enrolled in a Clinical Sexology PhD program. I am passionate about serving the queer community and in particular, the queer community of color which is often underserved. I can work with sexual issues with individuals and/or relationships. My practice is LGBTQIA2S+ celebratory, BDSM/kink-affirming, feminist, non-pathologizing, trauma and social justice informed. 

Therapy Sessions
Colorful Lights

I acknowledge that my practice is based on the traditional, stolen territory of the Munsee Lepane people and I currently reside on the traditional territory and homelands of the Borikén Taíno people.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the privilege that I hold by living and working on these stolen lands. I encourage you to recognize the harms of colonialism and white supremacy and actively seek out opportunities to give land back and center Indigenous voices. I ask that you please take a moment to honor these ancestral grounds and connect with the land we currently occupy. 

About me

I identify as a queer Afroboricua/Afrolatina cisgender woman. I received my Bachelors in Psychology from Universidad Interamericana in Puerto Rico in 2005. I then received my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix (Puerto Rico campus) in 2009. I am currently enrolled in a Clinical Sexology PhD program with Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. I have been working in the mental health field since 2013 and I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2017.

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Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you are interested in addressing any of the concerns listed below. 





Racial Trauma


Update as of April 2024: I am not currently accepting relationship/couples therapy clients. Thank you for your interest and good luck in your search.

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